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Waterstock Notes - August 2023

by Johnny Powell

This time last year I wrote:” Back from a holiday in St Mawes, nothing much has changed, the lawn has got browner, the flowers are just about hanging on, and the bindweed is still binding”.

This year, back from St Mawes and Rock, all has changed. The lawn is an effervescent green, and lush, the Geraniums are flourishing and the Hydrangeas are beaming, and needless to say the bindweed is still binding. It looks like war has broken out and the weeds have won.

What is to be done? Could I face the prospect of trying to manually get rid of the invasion by weed, or could I find another solution, excuse the pun, of a non toxic nature, to get rid of the invaders? Well, I may have. My ex-Colleague Eric, commonly known as French Eric, principally because he is French
and comes from Normandy, may have come up with an answer. He has lived in London for over forty years, and still has a strong accent, and terrible English grammar. He came to stay for the weekend, and we had a really delicious meal at The Angel in Long Crendon. He also, as a matter of passing interest,
was a patient of Dentist Susie Edmondson back in the day.

I digress.

Eric took one look at the garden and said he had the solution, (I know), to my problem. He looks
after his mother’s garden in Normandy and had a similar problem which he cured with a non toxic homemade weed killer, made of:

2 Parts White Wine Vinegar
1 Part Water
1 part Salt

All readily available, inexpensively. Google it, it is a thing! I haven’t tried it yet, but if anybody has tried it perhaps you could let me know if it works. I am definitely going to give it a go and will report back.

Talking of weather, my poor sister, who lives in Tenerife, has been suffering from over 40 degree temperature and is now under threat from out-of-control wildfires. I think I will stick to this

On a more serious topic:

You may have seen a flyer or notice concerning the proposed development of Waterstock Golf course. In the peak holiday season, Greystoke Developers have just sneaked in a Planning Application to concrete over the western section of Waterstock Golf Course with over 100 acres of industrial development. Please write toEmma Bowerman at South Oxfordshire District Council to oppose this application at: (Ref:P23/S2384/O) and copy your letter to your MP, Councillors and England Golf.

DEADLINE for letters is 10th September 2023