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Waterstock Notes - April 2023

by Keith Stubbs

The sun is shining but the weather has been pretty abysmal the last few weeks with plenty of rain. We are really looking forward to a spell of dry, warmer weather to start getting outside and enjoying the garden again. At least the daffodils are out, providing plenty of colour and reminding us that
spring is just round the corner.

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Despite the poor weather, Luke and Tilly have been braving the elements every Sunday morning throughout winter at Junior Parkrun in Oxford. Today, Tilly decided that she would run on her own for the first time and ran a new PB; apparently Lizzie and I have been holding her back!

Earlier this month, Mike Spencer took advantage of SODC’s offer to loan out thermal imaging cameras to help local groups identify heat loss in buildings. A number of villagers signed up to have their houses assessed with mixed results. Whilst the Tyces were pleasantly surprised that their thatch is very well insulated with the only ‘blue bits’ around the more modern additions, the Manistys were less pleased to learn that there is no insulation at the Mill. The Arthurs discovered warped windows, whilst the
external brick wall dividing Pippin and Holly Cottage was identified as a perplexing ‘heat spot’ in the village.

Although not in Waterstock , many walkers will have found the footpath from the A418 east of Tiddington, going up the hill towards Albury, very difficult and possibly even dangerous, where
it crosses the disused railway. Mike Haffey informs us that this has now been substantially improved thanks to a Wheatley and Thame Ramblers’ working party. The upper stile has been replaced and some branches cut away.

Those with young children and grandchildren may be interested to hear that a brand new playground is currently being installed on Ickford playing fields. It is expected to open just before Easter.

In other ‘news’, Waterstockian Linda Martin who recently left the village is settling in well in her new home and enjoying a wonderful outlook across the Scottish countryside but in her words, “I was very sad to leave Waterstock and will continue to miss you all for a long time to come.”